At Angel's we offer a 50's atmosphere with good food and good service! With a vast selection of generous portions to choose from. From our Montreal style smoked meat to our award winning chicken, sauces and ribs.

About Us.......

Our diners were conceived for the ultimate enjoyment of our guests. On behalf of the staff and owners of the Angel's diner, it is our pleasure to make every visit a memorable one.

Our Services

  • Great food and good feelings is
  • what Angel's are all about.
  • Your satisfaction is our
  • commitment!
  • If you are not completely satisfied with anyaspect of our food or service, do not hesitate to let us
  • know so we may correct the inconvenience.


  • 1

    ""Aweosme food and great service."

  • 2

    "Quick service and generous portions."

  • 3

    "Good representation of the chain"